L'HOMME. European Journal of Feminist History

L'HOMME. Z. F. G., the first German-language journal of feminist historical studies, has been published since 1990. The special topical sections deal with the positioning of discussions and research findings regarding women's and gender history, with a focus on the period from the end of the Middle Ages. L'HOMME is an interface of various linguistic and academic cultures and takes various topics and regional contexts into account. The original contributions of authors are published in German and English. The refereed periodical appears twice a year.

In addition to the topical contributions, there are also synopses of research, interviews, commentaries and debates as well as reviews.

The journal is accompanied by the L'HOMME Schriften und L'HOMME Archivseries.

L'HOMME has an international editorial board.

Redaktion (editorial office): Veronika Siegmund, MA
phone: +43-(0)1-4277-408 13
c/o Institut für Geschichte/Department of History
University of Vienna
Universitätsring 1
1010 Vienna, Austria